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Stuffed States USA

North Carolina State Stuffed Plush Doll - Stuffed States

North Carolina State Stuffed Plush Doll - Stuffed States

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It's the great State of North Carolina! In Stock and available to ship! TAKE ME HOME! Yes, It's what you think it is! Soft and squishy plushies made in the shape of your Homestate! Please Adopt yours today! These states are in need of nice homes... Like yours! They Make the Most Unique Gift and/or Souvenir for any University of North Carolina Tarheels fans! UNC Customers can send a bit of home to someone far away or take one home 'cuz they love their home state! Hey, who doesn't want to snuggle at home with their home state all the while learning some US geography? (two thumbs pointing) "We do!" A unique cross-over gift that satisfies so many: - Take Me Home! Grab one on your vacation! The most perfect souvenir! - Celebrate Me Home! - Great gift idea for locals and college students who want to show their state pride. - Send Them Home! – Makes super cute dorm décor! Tweens and teens love them too - Cheer Me On! – We customize your college colors in the shape of any US state!


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