About Us

Introducing Cennet Kelly and Suzy Bennett, the dynamic duo behind Winston-Salem Spirit, a woman and queer owned business. With their unique backgrounds and shared passion for entrepreneurship, Cennet and Suzy have built a thriving venture that has been making waves since its inception.

Cennet Kelly brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been in business since 2005. Originally from Turkey, Cennet has been a proud resident of Winston-Salem since 2003. Despite facing the challenges of Audhd, Cennet's determination and drive have propelled her forward, making her a remarkable force in the business world.

Suzy Bennett, hailing from Missouri, joined forces with Cennet in 2020 to form a formidable partnership. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience under her belt, Suzy's expertise shines through in every aspect of the Winston-Salem Spirit. Her creativity and passion for monograms add a touch of personalized elegance to their offerings.

Beyond their professional endeavors, Cennet and Suzy find joy and fulfillment in their family life. Together, they are proud parents of five incredible children, ranging from the ages of 18 to 10. The love and support they share as a family are the driving forces behind their ambition and success.

As proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, Cennet and Suzy bring a fresh perspective and inclusivity to their business. Their ownership of Winston-Salem Spirit is not just a testament to their entrepreneurial prowess but also a celebration of diversity and empowerment.

Through their hard work, dedication, and resilience, Cennet Kelly and Suzy Bennett have not only established a thriving business but also become inspirations to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals facing challenges such as Audhd and ADHD. They embody the spirit of perseverance, proving that with determination and love, anything is possible.